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  Gold Card
AVAIL -2024- 


Welcome to asset investment freedoms


T1S holders activate their utility participation within our asset backed investment and transaction ecosystem.

Gold backed, Gold backed by (99.9% LBMA Bullion) holders can transact over  the blockchain as a token or by physical T1S Gold debit card cash ready utility.

THE1SOCIETY will issue your personalized prepaid Gold Debit Card (no limit - subject to conditions), supported by your T1S Token; backed by digital ownership title of physical gold. (LBMA Certified) as the T1S Token System (T1S)

The Safe Haven Investor Ecosystem

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The1 Token is a hard asset Gold backed currency.


The1 Tokens embedded 5% transaction Tokenomic distribution utility is benevolent to each holder. When one member transacts all Token holders receive even redistribution. 

Members spend is converted into physical Gold holdings within each ecosystem participants account - thus creating an asset backed cash-flow network system. 

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