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The1Society curates a "You're In" experience to the best that life has to offer. With these prestigious services, amongst our multifaceted services. The1Society's turn-key operation provides the perfect combination of luxury and lifestyle solutions. Our all-around lifestyle management programs handle requests for celebrities, heads of state, royalty, and notably more. Outsource your inconveniences and responsibilities to The1Society and we will transform them into freedom and flexibility.

Male Speaker

Corporate Concierge

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Lifestyle Management


Event Management

Yacht Charter 



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Exotic Rental 



VIP Events
Talent Bookings
Publication / Relations
Movie Premiers

Music Festivals / Concerts
Sporting Events
High Fashion
Real Estate 

What Separates Us?

Our dedicated ‘Concierge Division Team’ at The1Society (T1S) will meet and exceed all your desired needs alongside your imagination. Our hand selected staff and relations are standby-ready to accommodate your precise demands at the highest standards and regards.


We genuinely pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our clients with the upmost respect and  priority at the highest of standards. The1Society VIP Services, understands and more importantly believes your tasks/goals is accomplished not only through exceeding expectations, but also through sincere relationships that will continue to grow.

Exclusiveness and confidentiality is part of The1Society's core values, our services are unprecedented and endowed with the ultimate luxury experience. Live and indulge in Royalty while our experienced and skilled personnel prepare a world of your perfectly ideal relaxation/entertainment. We take passion in  personalizing every experience to make it genuine and yours.


The1Society's 'Creator and Founders' are exceptionally pleased to assist you with all your needs and desires. We understand that luxury, as well as confidentiality, is a personal experience. Your dreams have no limitations with The1Society (T1S).


T1S is committed to provide our clients with continuous exclusive privileges for all occasions. Your time is precise and valuable, express your needs and we will design as well as construct your enjoyable experience.

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