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 Uniformed Security Guards

 Armed Security Guards

 Plainclothes Security Guards

 Security Guard Patrol Services

 Access Control

 Perimeter Patrol

 Special Events and Parties   

 Gatehouse and Reception Services

 Office Buildings

 Warehouses and Distribution

 Health Care Facilities

 Manufacturing and Industrial Plants

 Residential Communities


 Construction Sites

 Government Services

 Ports and Marine Terminals


 Retail Stores


 Car Dealership

 Customized Client Services


  Condominium Complexes


  Shopping Centers

  Entertainment Centers


  Parking Lots

  Industrial Clients

  Automotive Dealers

  Vehicle Patrols

  Bicycle Patrols

  Marine Patrols


  Colleges and Universities


  Gated Communities




  Construction Sites



  Movie Studios

  Office Buildings 


  High-Rise Buildings

Agents Available Worldwide 24/7 

The1Society, LLC provides through our hand selected affiliate companies the foremost in private protection & security services available today. Whether it’s an event or close protection, (T1S) has access to the most elite highly trained private security forces anywhere. We will provide you with the ultimate in security, confidentiality and surpass all your expectations, creating the peace of mind you deserve. Our mission is to proactively ensure the complete and total well-being of our clients whilst within our unique and highly protective circle of dedicated specialists. 

For VIP Services, client confidentiality and security is a top priority. Also, our services are highly flexible and can be tailored to specific client requirements such as: Breakdown of responsibilities, planning and assigning responsibilities, searching vehicles, transferring client/s to vehicle/s, travelling, arrival at destination, return to secure location.


VIP Protection - Our partnered Security Service companies offer its customers VIP and Close protection including several security circles, based on Human Resources with the most advanced technological means.


Security and Protection in Special Events - The company offers its customers security and protection services at events, beginning from the design of a security plan, risk and threat analysis, security qualified staff, employing cutting-edge technology in order to implement maximum security with maximum discretion. 

Personal / Executive Protection


As the world becomes more susceptible to public scrutiny, business as usual will no longer suffice in the world of Executive Protection. Our company’s belief is that prevention is the key to client safety both in the physical and financial realm. With preparation and planning being the mainstay of prevention, all designated agents are highly trained in implementing customized security protocols to fit any and all situations.


(T1S) selectively contracts for you a select group of agents who are utilized to provide personal protection to a wide array of clients. This includes but is not limited to, celebrities, corporate executives, Heads of State and Royal Family members.


Our Executive Protection Services include:


• Risk and threat assessment

• Security advances and detailed site visits, including hotel and venue advancements

• Interaction with local law enforcement agencies, fire and medical services, government agencies (where necessary), hotels   and venue operators, airlines and Customs/Immigration

• Close protection travel cover, ranging from travel by car to helicopter and airline escort services worldwide

• High profile cover where an obvious security presence can be seen, or low profile cover where the VIP does not want to draw attention to themselves while still maintaining a high level of personal protection

• Contingency and emergency planning

Our affiliates are global security companies focused on implementing strategic and reliable services to our clients worldwide. (T1S) is capable of providing through our hand selected affiliate companies a wide range of security solutions, with the most highly trained executive protection agents in the industry. We are devoted to serving our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. The hand-picked companies we utilize, are composed of agents with backgrounds in a variety of highly focused areas including; the United States Military, local and federal law enforcement, the U.S. State Department and highly trained private sector individuals. Agents are specifically chosen for their individual assignments and depending on the threat level and clients requirements can be armed or unarmed. 

Special Events


We at T1S understand that Special Events require multiple layers of security. Our customized affiliate security plans will not only ensure the safety of your guests, but your property and venue as well, guaranteeing a successful event.


As part of our event security services, we offer the following:


• Crowd and press control, both inside and outside the venue

• First Aid personnel

• Access Control (queuing and ticket checking)

• 24 hour uniform guards for the venue (load in and load out)

• VIP close protection for Guests of Honor and designated individuals

• Transportation services

Television / Film Production


Our services specialize in providing protection to individuals working on and around film and television locations. Our partners' agents are trained to work in a variety of production environments, whether it is on a sound stage or on location in a foreign country. The agents are familiar with the etiquette that is required to perform in these technical and at times, close quarter surroundings and will work proactively with production staff and set security to ensure safe and seamless working conditions.


Our affiliates will collaborate with productions to provide an overall security apparatus that is both cost effective and thorough. Our goal being to eliminate the additional costs associated with redundancy, while maintaining the necessary security support.


If you feel the need for security or protection for any reason or would like more information contact our RSVP our VIP Services. 

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