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The1Society Membership

You're in to the society of good, benevolence and balance.


As a public holder to the initial 11,111 T1S Access Passes, you will receive your custom NFT and activation into our "members only" Discord. 
T1S will host AMA's while interacting daily with our members. The embedded vertical communications channels enable T1S public members to participate in our entities utility with exclusive access and rewards.  


T1s Public Access PAss-2.png


T1S first 111 private society members will be welcomed in by purchasing our 3 Tiered NFT Access Pass. 
Upon becoming a holder, our private Society members will be granted into our private Discord channel for direct business, entertainment and participation to our upcoming masterminds, galas, events and more. 

Together, we will pioneer new age innovation, spreading love, grace and joy globally. 
We are The1Society.


Copy of T1s Private Access Pass Breakdown.png
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